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5 Ways To Enjoy Golf More

Some of us would like to love the game of golf. But sometimes the expectations of the game and the reality of it just kinda spoils the whole thing. Golf should be enjoyed whether you are competing or just having a relaxed round. 

Here are a few ways to enjoy golf more.

1.Don't play the blue tees

Unless you are at least a 10 handicap or lower, why bother making the golf course even harder than it has to be. If you are shooting in the 90's or triple digits, it makes no sense making a conscious decision to making the course more difficult.  Play the forward tees and take the extra level of anxiety out of the equation.  

2.Improve your lie

When you are having a recreational round of golf, there is no way you should be playing the strict rules of golf. The average round of golf would be at least 6 hours at courses all over the world. Golfers would be returning to the tees all day after hitting there first ball out bounds, or searching for every lost ball for 5 minutes.  So if we are bending the rules to save time, why not bend them to improve your lie, something you can actually benefit from.  Play winter rules all the time.

3.Play different games

Instead of playing the same match with your buddies, compete in other categories other than score.  Some examples would be:

  • Most fairways hit

  • Least amount of 3 putts

  • Most 1 putts

4. If it is your honor, take it

Don't be all nice and cute. You just birdied the hardest (or easiest) hole on the golf course. It's your tee. You earned it, take it. Challenge yourself to get another one. You will be surprised how often you can have two birdies in a row if you are actually trying to get  two birdies in a row.

5.Lower your expectations

If you are a average golfer, you play golf twice per week if you're lucky. On top of that, you don't practice as much as you should. You can't honestly think that your game is exactly what it should be. Just enjoy the game itself. Don't be so hard on yourself when you're not playing well. Everyone have bad days.  

So just chill a little on the golf course. We are not in the runnings for the big bucks right now. 

Thank you,

Patrina King

Found & CEO

Golf Women Mean Business

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