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Are you chasing money or the goal?

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

How much you want to bet at some point on your journey or career you got off track with your goals. We’ve all done it especially as entrepreneurs, the only thing is some recognize and get back on track and sadly some don’t. Fortunately, I was one of those that woke up, recognized and got back on track. I thank God that I have two amazing mentors that stay on me and after an unfortunate incident one of my mentors blatantly said: “this wouldn’t have happened if you were chasing your goals instead of the money.”

“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love

I know you’re probably saying, I hear people say this all of the time but, I myself, have never really realized what it meant until recently, now I know. Often times, as entrepreneurs we get scared and start accepting clients and jobs that do not align with our business concepts and begin to blindly get thrown off track into what someone else perceives you or your business to be. It’s ok to be scared and take risks, but we must remember our vision, goals, and the purpose behind our passion that started our journey. If you are doing what you do just for the money you’ll be a fool and fall for anything blindly guiding yourself towards destruction.

Don’t make money your goal

The number one common mistake I’ve seen most entrepreneurs do is not have a concretely written milestone that will guide them so that they may not get off track. I know you say a business plan is too tedious and time-consuming, but I’d rather have a plan than just a dream. You see a dream is just a series of thoughts we play out in our heads. A plan is a detailed proposal of something you’re going to achieve and a goal is implemented intentions.

Instead pursue the things you love

If you don’t want to take the time to write out a business plan, do what I began to do, make yourself accountable and write quarterly milestones and make them visible for you to see daily. The first task I usually tell my coaching mentees is to buy bright colored sticky notes. Why you ask?… Well, what is the first thing your suppose to do every morning? Brush your teeth, correct? So the purpose of the sticky note is to write your quarterly goals and expectations on them and stick them in the center of your mirror so you may be reminded every day of your purpose and plan. If you see something daily your psych subconsciously begins a pattern of walking in that direction, it’s the law of attraction. You are able to attract into your life whatever you are focused on.

doing them so well

Another thing I began to do is I created my manifestation book. What is a manifestation book you ask? It’s a book I began to blueprint exactly what I wanted in my business and life, the type of clients I wanted to work with even down to the personality types, my specific monthly/yearly minimum, etc and I gave dates. If you have a specific client (person) in mind you’d like to work with… write it down, nothing is impossible if you believe! Yes, I even have trips that I plan on taking, with specific hotels written down. Now they may be way out of my price range, but because I believe it will happen, I never know how the universe will bring it to me, I just know it will happen.

that people can’t take their eyes off you” – the great Maya Angelou

With that being said, we begin to chase money when getting scared of the risks taken as entrepreneurs of not being able to sustain the necessary daily living needs that we lose sight of our goals. If you are serious about your vision write them down with specific instructions on how you plan to attain them, otherwise, you’ll begin to detour off the yellow brick road into someone else’s journey and wonder how you got there. It’s ok to be scared and take risks, no biography or how-to book has ever been written about a successful non-risk taker or someone that has not made mistakes or struggled. You’re going to make mistakes and fall, that’s the easy part, the hard part is how many times did you get back up, with a tear in your eye and a smile on your face, inhaled/exhaled, reread your plan and picked up where you left off.

Dream the impossible even if others think you’re not worth it or crazy, be the architect of your goals or career and create your blueprint… Stay on track!

Stay focused and if you need any words of encouragement please be sure to leave a comment or email me at

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