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Don't Overthink It

In my last post, I gave you our top 5 picks for ways you can start your own women's golf business. This week, we're going to dive deeper into 2 of those picks.

1) Publish a women's sports magazine

Sports magazines are mainly male dominated & a lot of the ones with women have a heavy focus on their sexuality rather than any skills they may have. As a woman in the sports field, it could be very empowering & beneficial to create a platform that will make women feel more appreciated as a successful athlete.

Yes, there are some magazines already out there that cater to women. But what can YOU bring to the industry? You haven't exposed the golf world to YOUR flavor yet. Why?  I have a saying that will make sense to you if you live in Georgia... "Publix ain't worried about Kroger." They are normally situated across the street from each other. Let's go!  :-) 

2) Create a golf promotions business

Many people with outgoing personalities make great salaries promoting star athletes. As a woman in the golf industry, you could use this idea as another opportunity to create a platform for women golfers by promoting them personally & marketing their name in an empowering way.

You can reach audiences that are being overlooked or just missed with what YOUR spin on things. There are 7.7 billion people in the world. The active golf promotion companies are not reaching ALL of them. Come on and start your business so you can grab a few million of the 7.7 billion of us. 

Both the magazine and the promotions business are great ways to empower and bring exposure to fellow women in the golf field. Every business person could use some exposure. So why not be that someone to provide it to them?

Be sure to join us at the Inaugural Golf SuppliHER Diversity Conference to learn more about business opportunities in the $84 billion golf industry. 

Sincerely,  Patrina King Founder & CEO, Golf Women Mean Business 

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