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She Emerged From The Chrysalis

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

As you begin to get older you begin to appreciate life trials and understand the valuable lessons the universe is trying to teach you. Some learn at an early age and some learn later. As a kid, in second grade we studied caterpillars/butterflies and I became fascinated with its beauty. As I’m approaching fabulous 40, for some reason I’ve become even more fascinated with the lifecycle from caterpillar to butterfly and began to look at my life as the lifecycle of a butterfly. You see a butterfly goes through 4 phases of a lifecycle and when I look at my life going into 40 I’m in my 4th decade. Think about it 10 years makes a decade so 40 is my 4th decade.


If you’ve ever studied the metamorphosis of a butterfly you should understand the phases: egg, larva, pupa, adult… You see, Each stage has a different goal but the final stage goes from an not so nice looking caterpillar to this AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFULLY COLORFUL BUTTERFLY.

If you understand the chrysalis stage you know that it is the final stage, the form a caterpillar takes before it emerges from its cocoon as a fully formed butterfly. So when I think of my past compared to this amazing year I’ve had, I began to realize that this was just the preparation God took me through. As I leave my 30’s I realize I am finally hatching from my chrysalis, 39 was the year of my cocoon and 40’s begin my butterfly stage. All the hell, tragedy, and trials I’ve been through in life has brought me to this amazing 4th decade in life.


So when you look at all of the obstacles and hurdles in life understand it’s your prepping season. Everyone’s time is not delivered at the same time, some may come at 25 others 40. The goal is to focus on you and where you’re at in life at that moment. Learn from every lesson at that moment and move forward and apply those lessons to the next. Your chrysalis stage is right around the corner. It’s the stage that will make you feel like your in a dream and you don’t want to wake up. It’s the stage that is telling you to run, grab the torch and full speed ahead by applying all the lessons you’ve learned and fly allowing everyone to see your beautiful colors. It’s your time to bask in your greatness!

I’m glad to be walking into this 4th decade of my lifecycle but unlike a butterfly, my 4th phase will last longer than a year… this is just the beginning. If I could fight through my trails so can you. Your 4th cycle is around the corner.

…. walking into 40 manifesting greatness 11/11 HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME!

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