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You too can start a Golf Business!

The golf industry is an $84 billion industry. If you are not in it, you are missing out!

Our top 5 picks for ways women can

start their own golf business

1) Open your own online women's golf gear store Have you ever looked for stylish golf clothes with various sizes but couldn't find any? An online women’s golf store can cater to the specific needs of the woman golfer while making women feel more comfortable to shop knowing that a fellow woman is running the store. 2) Create a blog/article with weekly golf tips & tricks With a blog/article, you can create revenue by running advertisements & providing reviews on your site, while providing people with updated news, information, tips & tricks on how to work through the golf industry as a woman. 3) Teach online golf lessons Just like online tutoring, online education is a booming market that can be very versatile & can give you a chance to reach people that may be too far to travel to. The good thing about this is that you can expand your clientele by doing some physical lessons in your city while training possibly over seas via the internet! 4) Publish a women's sports magazine Sports magazines are mainly male predominant & a lot of the ones with women have a heavy focus on their sexuality rather than any skills they may have. As a woman in the sports field it could be very empowering & beneficial to create a platform that will make women feel more appreciated as a successful athlete. 5) Create a golf promotion business There are plenty of people that make money promoting star athletes, as a woman in the golf industry you could use this idea as another opportunity to create a platform for women golfers by promoting them personally & marketing their name.

Be sure to check out the Inaugural Golf SuppliHER Diversity Conference happening this year! You can get many of the tools you need to start any of the businesses above. Or, put that one idea you have been sitting on to use. 

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