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The Successors Playbook

It is officially 2019 and we’ve all heard the slogans, “new year new me,” I’m leaving some things and people in 2018,” and all the new years resolutions. Truth be told, the reason the resolutions do not continue on past the first 2 weeks of the year is because it’s all talk until you actually write it down. You see, in order for you to manifest your aspirations you must not only acknowledge them but you must also begin to:

  1. Write down your goals

  2. Research what it will take to accomplish these goals

  3. Write down each step

  4. Create ideal start/end dates

  5. Set timers/dates on your phone calendar and your personal journal


It took me realizing all of my setbacks and understanding what it would take in order to achieve personal and business growth. In 2017, I realized my biggest hurdle was myself and needing to always have someone to tag along for personal and business networking. So I made the decision to discover 2018 by myself, no plus one to anything… I can honestly say I committed to myself and I conquered my challenge. To see me now in public networking you’d think I was lying. You see, I recognized what was holding my business back from success and I stopped making excuses. I actually was the same with getting on camera for social media. So in 2018, I took control over my life and fears, wrote down what it would take to accomplish them, committed to 2 of my setbacks and I won! This was the best decision I ever made.

So as we continue on our journey of attaining our yearly goals, let’s remember it’s more than just putting it on a board and acknowledging what you want. It’s about actually taking the steps! Design your playbook; write it down, commit to the process and walk into your destiny! The dream is yours to attain!

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